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Traditional  Black Tea

English Breakfast __$5.99 per 2 oz
Irish Breakfast__$5.99 per 2 oz
Earl Grey__$6.99 per 2 oz
Darjeeling___$6.99 per 2 ozFruity Black Tea
Blue Lady (Strawberry, Kiwi & Coconut)__$5.99 per 2 oz
Misty Thursday (Raspberry & Coconut Cream) __$5.99 per 2 oz
Peach Apricot __ $5.99 per 2 oz
Peach Strawberry__$5.99 per 2 oz
Raspberry__$5.99 per 2 oz
Royal Wedding (Raspberry, Mango & Kiwi)__$5.99 per 2 oz
Orange Spice__ $5.99 per 2 oz

Specialty Black Teas

Chai__$7.99 per 2 oz
French Caramel Crème Brulee__ $7.99 per 2oz
French Caramel Crème Brulee (Decaf) __$7.99 per 2oz
Mango Passion Fruit__$5.99 per 2 oz
Rose__$7.99 per 2 oz
Evening in Paris (Caramel, Vanilla & Black Currant) __$7.99 per 2 oz
Evening in Paris (Decaf) __$7.99 per 2 oz
Chocolate Macadamia Nut Coconut__$5.99 per 2 oz
Chocolate Raspberry Truffle __$5.99 per 2 oz
Pumpkin Cream __$5.99 per 2 oz
Gingerbread Cream __$5.99 per 2 oz
Vanilla __$5.99 per 2 oz
Vanilla (Decaf) __$6.99 per 2 oz

Green Tea

Peach Green__$6.99 per 2 oz
Jasmine Green__$5.99 per 2 oz
Vanilla Mint Green__$9.99 per 2 oz
Coconut Premium Green __$9.99 per 2 oz

White Tea

White Fantasy (Creamy Vanilla, Citrus & Pink Rose Petals)__$7.99 per 2 oz
White Peach__$7.99 per 2 oz

Herbal Tea

Berry Berry__$6.99 per 2 oz
Apple Spice__$6.99 per 2 oz


French Caramel Crème Brulee (Decaf) __$7.99 per 2oz
Peach Apricot (Decaf) __$7.99 per 2 oz
Evening in Paris (Decaf) __$7.99 per 2 oz
Vanilla (Decaf) __$6.99 per 2 oz

Order Form
Minimum of  $15.00 for each online purchase.
Shipping Costs:

4 oz. to 10 oz. = $5.00
12 oz. on up  = $10.00
US Shipping Only

All teas are loose leaf available only in 2-ounce increments.